Full dentures

  Full dentures are made when all teeth are absent from someone's mouth. They are made not only to restore the ability to chew food  and eat properly, but also to rebuild the face facial structures and give the wearer the confidence in the way they look. as well as the ability to speak comfortably and correctly.

  Making full dentures takes a great deal of anatomical and physiological measurements, as well as a great deal of input by the patient in consultation with the clinician.

Repairs and relines
Same day repairs, relines and tooth additions. We have a fully equipped dental laboratory on the premises. most denture services can be completed on the same day.
Partial dentures

When someone has only lost a few of their natural teeth, then a partial denture is made to replace the missing teeth as well as the structures supporting them, thus giving the wearer their natural look as well as the ability to talk and eat comfortably again.

  Partial dentures are made of mostly metal and acrylic with a few different combinations of the 2 materials. It all depends on whether the dentures are temporary as part of a longer treatment plan. Or whether the dentures are to be the permanent replacement for the missing teeth

Mouth guards

All types of mouth guards from simple low impact for non contact sport to multilayered ones for heavy contact.

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